Our Services

Christian Lazarou is qualified and authorised to provide you with personal financial advice that is tailored to your needs, objectives and financial situation.  Christian is also able to provide you with general advice and factual information, and transact on your behalf.

In order to facilitate a personal financial plan you will need to provide the adviser with information pertaining to your personal circumstances, details of your current financial situation and other relevant matters.  You have the right not to disclose all information but your adviser may not be able to provide advice that is appropriate to your needs, objectives and financial situation without it.

Christian can provide personal financial advice, and deal (transact on your behalf), relating to the following types of financial product:

Personal financial advice will be provided to you in writing only after your adviser has reviewed the information you provided and has carefully considered your financial goals.  Christian can also transact on your behalf and place a financial product without providing you with personal advice upon your written instructions.  This is called a ‘transaction without advice’ (TWA).

Christian Lazarou does not provide advice on the following products:

Christian will recommend that you review your financial plan every 12 months or whenever your personal or financial circumstances change.

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